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Vaccinate Zana From Just 5

Vaccinate Zana  From Just 5
Vaccinate Zana  From Just 5Vaccinate Zana  From Just 5Vaccinate Zana  From Just 5
Vaccinate Zana  From Just 5Vaccinate Zana  From Just 5Vaccinate Zana  From Just 5
Amount:  €5.00

We are still working on getting every one of our dogs their yearly rabies vaccine.

Each vaccine is just 20€ (£17) per dog.

Alternatively, you can donate for part a vaccination for 5€ (£4.25), 10€ (£8.50) or 15€ (£12.75) per dog.

Please consider donating for one dog if you can.

We would like to thank everyone who has already donated.

We truly appreciate your help!


Dog's Name: Zana
Age: 5 Years
Sex: Female
Breed: Mixed
Colour: Brown and White
Size: Medium
Good With Children? Yes
Good With Other Dogs? Yes
Good With Cats? Not Tested
Neutered? Yes
Vaccinated? Yes
Microchipped? Yes

Zana is a 5 year old female, medium sized dog. She is of mixed breed and brown and white in colour. She is good with children and with other dogs. She is vaccinated and microchipped.

Miracle girl Zana was found by Sejla in the killing station in February 2016.  Zana’s back legs were paralysed and it is thought that the dog catchers picked her up and took her to be euthanised, after being hit by a vehicle.

Sejla raised the money to take her from the killing station and took her on a stretcher to her vet for an x-ray.   This showed that there was a possibility that she would be able to walk again, following medication and a great deal of care.  She was thought to be about one year old.  Zana stayed at the vets for 3 days before Sejla was able to take her to SOS Sunshine Paws Sanctuary.  As the weather was freezing, Sejla put Zana in a shelter box packed high with straw to keep her warm and cosy.   She was still unable to walk.  She was also unable to pass urine or faeces on her own and had to be regularly manually expressed.  Following a number of visits to the vet and continuing medication, Zana started to show signs of improvement.  After many weeks of care she was on her feet and started to walk, with difficulty at first.  The first time Zana relieved herself on her own was at the vets, where she found a corner to hide in to do it!  Sejla was so proud of her and everyone was overjoyed.

Zana is a much-loved resident at the Shelter, and now runs and plays with the other dogs.  She is very cheeky, lovable and full of fun, and would make a wonderful addition to a family.