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New Dog Sanctuary Appeal

New Dog Sanctuary Appeal
New Dog Sanctuary AppealNew Dog Sanctuary AppealNew Dog Sanctuary AppealNew Dog Sanctuary Appeal
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With regard to the relocation of the dogs to a safer location, Fata has a further option and the opportunity to part-exchange the current land for a piece of land with a house. The person selling is a relative of Dino’s and he will help with the land and any animals, such as sheep, to support the income of SOS Sunshine Paws Sanctuary. He is happy to do this as he is grateful for the employment and support we have always given to Dino.

In order to part-exchange the current land, Fata needs to pay the seller €3,500 immediately.

It is obviously much better to vigorously pursue this option than to pay the current €2,000 each month to keep the dogs safe in rented accommodation.

Please be part of this new venture and future for the Sanctuary by considering making a loan to enable Fata to move forward on this journey. Fata is currently advertising the van for sale to raise money for this initiative, and she will pay any loan back as soon as she has the money to do so.

It is acknowledged that this is a large consideration, and any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Update 07/03/19


These are the first pictures of the new land for the Sanctuary. As you can see there is a lot of work urgently required.

We are very fortunate to be able to move forward with the purchase of this land with a generous loan, for which we are very grateful.

Please stay with us and follow our progress and, if you can, help with donations towards the fencing and building work needed. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.

Update 24/03/19

Following the disruption to the work caused by the snowy weather in Sarajevo last week, work has now resumed and continues in earnest to build the Sanctuary on the land recently purchased.

The digging machine is costing 27 euros an hour.

Please help us fund this, if you can, to make sure that the dogs can move quickly to this lovely new location from their expensive temporary accommodation.

Update 06/04/19

The team started work really early to lay the foundations for the new dog houses, on a beautiful sunny day.

They recorded updates throughout the day, and after lunch they were able to say goodbye to the cement mixing and pump machine.  

As a final touch, before the cement dried the date and ‘Sunshine’ design was drawn into the wet mixture as a permanent record.  

Once the cement has dried, the next stage is to build the walls, and approximately 2,000 blocks are needed at a total cost of £700.