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Leo, Nala and Poppy

Leo, Nala and Poppy were born on the streets and lived there a long time.  During this time, people did really awful things to them.  They were saved from poisoning a number of times.  They were badly mistreated.   For a few months, the dog catchers tried to kill them every day.  Someone allowed his pit bull terriers to bite Leo and his pack, and they were hunted by cars, motorcycles and bicycles, having stones and fireworks thrown at them.

Sejla has known these three dogs since they were babies, and she found them all to be wonderful dogs.  This, however, changed one day, and after all these months of torture, they began to bite people and children, even the ones that did nothing to them and were just walking in the street where they happened to be.

Sejla’s neighbour then took Leo, Nala and Poppy to Praca public shelter, which at this time was the only way to save them from being killed.  Most of the other dogs from the pack were killed by poisoning or by the dog catchers.    For two long years these three dogs were in the Praca public shelter until Sejla finally found a way to take them out.   Leo was the one who was the most afraid.  When Sejla touched him or put a lead on him, he just froze on the spot where he stood, like a statue and didn’t move and would start to urinate.  For a long time he just didn't trust anybody.  Even on the streets, they never tried to attack Sejla, but Leo was the last one who started to trust her.   

Sejla thinks that if they had stayed at Praca any longer they would have completely given up on life.  Now their eyes are shining again and they are happy and smiling, and that's the best gift in the world for Sejla as their rescuer.

When Leo was on the streets, it was thought that he was hit on the nose with a stone.  At first Sejla thought the wound was cancer.  She cleaned it and gave him antibiotics, and it finally disappeared.

Now since being with Sejla at the Shelter, they are great.  Leo and Nala started to play, which is something they never did before.   At the beginning they never went very close to any visitor to the Shelter.  Now they come up to people and sometimes try to play.

Leo, Nala and Poppy are siblings and they are between 4 and 5 years old.  They do not like cats.   It is not known what kind of psychological problems all these years of torture has left them with, so they would need to be tested to see how they would react to children on the streets, because children made it hell on earth for them when they lived on the streets, but in the shelter they accept everyone who comes, and they don't show any aggressive behaviour.

It is so sad that their lives were hell before, but they are so much better now.   They are smiling now and that makes Sejla justifiably proud.  Nobody will ever hurt them again - that was the promised that Sejla made to them when she took them out of Praca public shelter.