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Gringo The Gentle Giant

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." ― Martin Buber

Gringo was an 11 year old male, large sized dog. He was a Sarplaninac (Shepherd Dog) and grey in colour.

Gringo was left by his owner in the horror of Public Shelter Praca.  He was there for four years, alone in a box.  He slept in this box in his own faeces.  He was never walked, with just bread to eat for four long years.

Sejla received a phone call asking her to help an elderly dog in Praca, saying that he was suffering so much because of infected ears.  This was Gringo.  Sejla went the next day to take him out of Praca.  His ears were really bad, and he had fleas which had begun to eat his hair away.  After two days in the pension where Sejla took him, she went with him to a dog grooming salon, where he was bathed and his hair was cut.  Sadly, the dog groomer there cut Gringo’s skin with the scissors, and after two days he had a skin infection.  It was a little wound that the vet said was not too bad.  This was Gringo's first vet.  He cleaned his ears and gave him antibiotics, but Gringo's ears were no better.  Sejla took him to two more vets, before finally going to a vet who told her that Gringo had chronic ear infection.  This vet said that first Gringo’s wounds needed to heal, as his body was full of them.  He had the bacteria staphylococcus which needed to be drained, and his sugar count was very low.  Every day Gringo became worse and he needed surgery.  After the surgery, Sejla went with him every day to the vets.  He had infusions, injections, antibiotics and his wounds were bandaged.  After one month, the stitches were removed.  He looked so much better.   His ears were also better, because he had had very strong antibiotics for a month.  When the antibiotics were stopped his ears became very bad again, because this chronic infection goes right inside his middle ear.

Surgery had been considered, but not proceeded with on the advice of the vet, as Gringo is such an elderly dog.  He therefore had constant medication to manage any pain from this chronic condition.

Sadly on the evening of 7th May 2017, Gringo went to sleep in his bed at the shelter and never woke up. He will be sadly missed by everyone at the shelter and by all his dear friends around the world.


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