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From Old Shelter To New Shelter

SOS Sunshine Paws Sanctuary finally moved from its old location on 14th March 2017.  It actually took two days to move all the 46 dogs, making four journeys each day in a large van, with specially made dog transporters in each.  There were also two journeys transporting the items belonging to the shelter and Sejla’s personal items, and some things in a smaller vehicle.  On each journey one or two of the more nervous and vulnerable dogs were comforted during the trip.  The whole operation involved eight people, and it was an exhausting process. 

It was necessary to make the move to land purchased with a loan from a very generous supporter, in order to save money each month on what was proving to be a very expensive and unmanageable rent.   See picture of the old empty shelter below, once all the dogs had been moved.

The new shelter was not complete when the move took place, but as the weather was cold and there was a deep fall of snow, a stove was immediately purchased and wood was collected from the surrounding forest area.  The basement area was made into compartments to house the dogs, and a fence was erected, for the dogs to spend time outside in the daytime.  

To avoid any problems with noise from the dogs barking, sound insulation was immediately installed and accommodation for Dino, the shelter worker, planned so that he can live on site to be available for any emergency arising with the dogs overnight.

The dogs love to have visitors to their new shelter, as the pictures below of Fata and Sejla’s Mum, soon after the move, show.