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Crying Out For Help 04/03/2014

This is Sejla’s very first Facebook post, in her own words, asking for donations to help her rescue her first three dogs, before she had the shelter:

“Usually I have no idea how to ask for help or ever did that BUT now I have limited time to help this dogs, unfortunately today some people come to take them away, and I have no idea where they are going to move them to put them away, since people in my neighbourhood called on them to be aggressive, but main problem is that people are abusing them, and no one does anything about that, throwing stones on them or firecrackers and even hit them with baseball bat/playing dog-ball/hit the dog with the bat.  I have no financial means to put them, all away and they can’t stay here on the street, so if anyone can help anyhow I would be appreciated even if you just like the album or share it.  My head hurts whole day and I have a video with abuser, and police did nothing to stop him and now they hit the bottom, dogs are gentle giants and 1 year old one is 2 years old, and mom is too impossible to catch she is too scared, also they have new friends in pact people shot one of them in a leg in the middle of the day and police, still did nothing.  These are their pictures and they all survived poisoning from a very nice people in my neighbourhood.”

This Facebook post was the start of the rescue process of Leo, Nala and Poppy.

See their separate page to read their full story, and see their pictures on their individual profile pages.