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Build Them A Fence Appeal

Build Them A Fence Appeal
Amount:  €1.00

Has your pet ever “escaped” out into the neighbourhood?

Have you ever experienced the sheer horror and panic of losing sight of your dog?....You know they are friendly & will know their way home, but you are terrified for them? ....Is this your worst nightmare?

This happened at the Sanctuary- 4 dogs took themselves to explore the local village - they were friendly, played with some of the children in the gardens and they were brought home, safe & sound.

However, some of the local villagers thought they were “monsters” and should be poisoned & shot. The Police were called - they were friendly, saw the shelter was well run & had a good inspection report; they understood that no damage was done, no harm had been caused & the team were bringing them home and all was well.

A few of the villagers went straight to Facebook and posted malicious horror stories & untruths without anyone checking their facts & despite knowing nothing about the shelter - they were so concerned about the welfare of the dogs at the shelter - “starving, filthy, eating each other, marauding wolves” - that they didn’t venture up the road to help them survive. Thankfully sensible and friendly villagers rose in defence and the stories have ceased. It was damaging to what the team are trying to achieve and demoralising when they have been working very hard towards registration. One of the requirements is a high, strong & secure fence around the land.

The dogs have a strong outdoor pen, but the land is huge and the current fencing is rustic & old. We need to replace it & fence a secure perimeter for the dogs to enjoy their home. In this time of coronavirus threat the dogs need to be secure.

There is a curfew in Bosnia and people cannot go out at night for any reason - looking for the dogs placed the team in jeopardy & at risk of fines.  
Can you help us?

Please can you sponsor a section of fencing? Each section is just £2

We need 500 sponsors - can you help?




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From:  €1.00
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