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Bosnian Company Registration

Bosnian Company Registration
Amount:  €1.00

Registration - The first steps to a better life...

We have long wanted to apply for recognised status for the SOS Sunshine Paws Sanctuary in the form of official registration in accordance with the European standards in Bosnia. At present our set up is very much open to interpretation and has no legal status within Bosnia leaving the dogs open to vulnerability and lack of protection in law.

Once we have this status it will enable the Sanctuary to form a recognised company which:-

  • Protects the dogs and give them legal rights.
  • Gives authority to our rescuer as a recognised company.
  • Allows tax relief on all income.
  • Gains Public recognition and trust.
  • Forms recognised credibility with finance institutions  allowing uninterrupted access to funds.
  • Better management over compliance with vet inspectors as a recognised company.

This status would also enable our rescuer to extend her protection to other animals such as cats, goats, sheep and enable the Sanctuary to use the land for forest husbandry, gathering wood, berries and planting sustainable food crops for their use.

Our rescuer has already submitted documentation for approval and rented a suitable small office space which is a legal prerequisite to the application. This incurs a cost of €200 monthly - we have no choice but to pay this to achieve our goal.

Now we have to find the funds to cover the fees payable to move forward. We are asking you to help us meet these costs. It is a difficult concept as it is expensive we will have nothing to show for it except a bundle of papers, but it means an enormous step forward to protect the animals that come in to our care and will save us a significant sum of money in taxes to the Bosnian and British Governments meaning we have more to spend on the Sanctuary.

We are asking if you can help us raise €500 which is the fee payable on submission of the application, now due.


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